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Chair Auto Pallas

2 chairs 1

As the Group 1 seat, the Pallas include a safety cushion. The CYBEX Pallas was awarded a "very good" by From the three years the chair can become a Group 2/3.

  • adjustable safety cushion (patent pending).
  • Linear side impact protection (LSP System)
  • Reclining function (Group 1)
  • Rating of 'good' by Stiftung Warentest (11/2011)
  • of 'GOOD' Stiftung Warentest rating (11/2011)

2 chairs 1: The CYBEX Pallas can be used for a period less than 11 years. In Group 1 the chair has a safety cushion that asemelha an airbag that distributes and counteracts the forces generated in an impact. For children from 3 years old the chair can be converted into the Group's chair 2/3 - the award-winning CYBEX Solution X.

adjustable safety cushion

freedom of movement safely

The adjustable safety cushion reduces the risk of serious injury in an accident without restricting the child's movements.

The forces released in a frontal crash is absorbed and distributed over the safety cushion. This system resembles an inflated airbag, which in case of accident, significantly helps to reduce the forces produced in an impact. The most sensitive parts of the neck and head are well protected. The new adjustable safety cushion (patent pending) allows greater freedom of movement to the top of the child's body when compared to other systems.

2-in-1 seat

For use of greater than 11 years.

The chair grows with the child providing maximum comfort and safety over 11 years. In Group 1, the chair is equipped with an adjustable safety cushion. In the event of a frontal impact, the released energy is distributed over the surface of the pad that functions similarly to an inflated airbag. Protection with freedom of movement. Paracrianças over three years, the seat easily turns into Group 2/3, the Solution series.

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